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What is The Village Electric?

We are a learning center reimagining the way kids learn. Traditional schooling relies on a one-size-fits all approach that can keep children from flourishing. At The Village Electric, you get the best of both worlds: a hyper-personalized education in an extraordinary social world built just for kids. It's a village for online learners, homeschoolers, and anyone looking for a better way to learn.


Why choose The Village Electric?

Kids learn in different ways and at different rates. But most traditional educational options are inflexible and hopelessly outdated. That's why The Village Electric embraces the explosion of innovation that is occurring right now in education. By personalizing the way kids learn, we create programs that are academically rigorous and evolve with each learner. In this way, we help nurture their love of learning and better prepare them for a world that increasingly demands more ingenuity, creativity, and a life-long ability to learn. 

What ages does The Village Electric support?

We have programs for children ages 3 - 12, and are gathering interest for middle and high school programs.

When is The Village Electric open?

We are open from 8:45am to 3pm Monday through Friday. Academic time is in the morning, with afternoons reserved for open-ended play and enrichment activities. From 3 to 4pm, we also offer optional extracurricular activities like dance, Spanish, and choir. Learners are welcome to join us for as much as or as little of the day as they'd like. There are no attendance requirements or tardiness penalties. We run from September to June, take a look at our academic calendar.


How is The Village Electric staffed?

We are staffed by guides who are former classroom teachers and tutors. All of our guides are experts at working with small groups and have a passion for individualized, kid-powered learning.


Every day, our guides help our learners to take charge of their education, provide individual academic support, and facilitate positive social dynamics. They strive to integrate student passions into enrichment activities.


As our learners age up and become more independent, our curriculum becomes more personalized to each child’s needs. This is when our guides go beyond acting as a learning coach or even a teacher. Guides create an individualized schedule based on each child’s curriculum, interests, and needs.


What curriculum does The Village Electric use?

Our programs for younger learners incorporate play, hands-on exploration, and age-appropriate academic activities. Learners in our Thrive Studio have the option to use our personalized, classical homeschool curriculum focusing on core academic skills. When they're ready for independent learning, they can continue with our curriculum or choose the online learning or homeschool curriculum that works best for them. Our guides provide individual attention, support, and personalized planning for each child and learning style. Get in touch with us to learn more.


How much does The Village Electric cost?  

The future of learning is more personalized and flexible. That's why we offer plans from two to five days a week. See the Apply page for pricing details and for key dates in our application process. 

Where is The Village Electric?

Located in Mountainside, NJ, we support many families from surrounding communities like Cranford, Summit, Westfield, South Orange, and Maplewood.

For more information about our policies and procedures, you can download our Parent Child Handbook here.

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