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Our programs combine the personalization and flexibility of homeschool with the community and support of private school to better prepare your child for a changing world. Plus, we offer a variety of flexible options that support the schedule and budget that works best for your family.



For 3 and 4 year-olds, this gentle, play-based program runs three days a week from 9am-11:30am. We focus on socialization, hands-on exploration, and plenty of play.


For children ages 4-6, our Grow Studio runs four days a week and offers a Reggio-inspired curriculum where academic goals are addressed through play, and kids are encouraged to explore and problem solve.


Lower Elementary

For learners 6-8, we build a foundation of core skills through a personalized, self-paced, classical curriculum that fosters a love of learning and encourages mastery of the material. Choose from our 2-5 day a week options.

Upper Elementary

Our 9 through 12 year-olds are ready to take charge of their education. Continue with our curriculum or choose the online or homeschool curriculum that is best for you child. Either way, our guides provide individual support and personalized planning for each learner. Choose from our 2-5 day a week options.


Middle and High school

We are currently gathering interest for middle and high school programs. If you're looking for a more flexible, personalized experience for your teenager, let us know!

Afternoons only

For families following an academic program at home, we offer an afternoons only option so you can take advantage of the social, kid-powered community we've created.

Need More?

Get your questions answered in our FAQ.

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