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Our multi-age programs allow children to learn at their own pace, and from one another, without the need for comparison or competition. As learners age up through our studios, academic rigor, personal responsibility, and self-direction progress along with them.  


Nurture (3-5)

For 3 to 5 year-olds, our gentle, play-based program focuses on socialization, hands-on exploration, nature, movement, plenty of outdoor time, and lots of learning through play.

Grow (5-8)

Our 5-8 year-olds follow a Reggio and Montessori inspired curriculum with an emphasis on learning through discovery. Foundational academic concepts are presented and mastered as each child is ready through play, exploration, and problem solving.


THRIVE (8-12)

For learners 8-12, we build a foundation of core skills through a personalized, self-paced, classical curriculum that fosters a love of learning and encourages mastery of the material. Choose from our 2-5 day a week options.

launch (13-18)

Many teenagers who love learning and want to go to college find conventional middle and high school stressful and unfulfilling. We're piloting a new program for teens ages 13-18 where they can design their own learning program. 

Teacher Assisting a Student

Discovery afternoons

Our afternoons are filled with a wide variety of enrichment activities and free play. Families following an academic program at home are welcome to join us for the afternoon to take advantage of the social, kid-powered community we've created. 


Fridays are all about immersing ourselves in nature and learning in a hands-on way. We spend the day in the Watchung Reservation, exploring, observing wildlife, and playing outdoors. In addition to science-based learning, we also incorporate language arts and math into our activities.



This summer, get ready for good old-fashioned summertime fun! We'll have open-ended outdoor play in the mornings and in the afternoons we'll host workshops where kids can discover and tap into their interests in the arts, nature, STEM, building, and more. 


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