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Our programs combine the personalization and flexibility of homeschool with the community and support of private school to better prepare your learner for a changing world. Plus, we offer a variety of flexible options that support the schedule and budget that work best for your family.



For 3 to 5 year-olds, this gentle, play-based program runs three or four days a week from 9am to 11:30am or 9am to 1pm. We focus on socialization, hands-on exploration, plenty of outdoor time, and lots time to play.


Younger children learn best through hands on experiences. That's why our 5-7 year-olds follow a Reggio-inspired, play-based curriculum where academic goals are met through play, and learners are encouraged to explore and problem solve.



For learners 7-12, we build a foundation of core skills through a personalized, self-paced, classical curriculum that fosters a love of learning and encourages mastery of the material. Choose from our 2-5 day a week options.


Many teenagers who love learning and want to go to college find conventional middle and high school stressful and unfulfilling. We're piloting a new program for teens ages 13-18 this January where they can design their own learning program. 

Teacher Assisting a Student

Discovery afternoons

Our afternoons are filled with a wide variety of enrichment activities and free play. Families following an academic program at home are welcome to join us for the afternoon to take advantage of the social, kid-powered community we've created. 


Fridays are all about immersing ourselves in nature and learning in a hands-on way. We spend the day in the Watchung Reservation, exploring, observing wildlife, and playing outdoors. In addition to science-based learning, we also incorporate language arts and math into our activities.



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