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Lots of wonderful teens don’t like school for legitimate reasons. Maybe you're bright but bored, have learning differences, don’t like the social scene, have specific interests, or simply don’t like the rules. The solution is to give you back control over your life. At The Village Electric, our teen program takes the most valuable parts of school—peers, classes, and mentors—and combines them with personalized attention and the freedom to choose what and how you learn. We start with a your strengths and interests and help you build a meaningful life and education from there.

Classes and Activities

Our classes and tutorials are offered on a variety of topics Monday through Thursday from 9 to 3. On Fridays, we take field trips or spend the day in the forest. 


Current Events

Writer's Workshop

Conceptual Physics



All Group Meeting

Career Exporation

Math Appreciation

World History


Basic Programming

Film Analysis

Ancient Literature

Conversational Spanish


Drawing and Painting

Gardening Club

Magic Club

History of Video Games

Above is a sample schedule of what a semester could look like. Our Fall schedule will be a reflection of the interests of our teens and the interests and expertise of our staff and volunteers. Rather than attempt to fulfill any particular curriculum, we ask our staff to share the topics that excite them. In addition, we support teen members to lead classes for their peers. Everything we do, including our classes and one-on-one tutorials are optional and open to every member; most are scheduled for one hour per week, with the option to meet more often if needed or desired.

teen meet up

Join us for bagels, fun activities, and socializing at our Mountainside location. See our space, meet our staff, and meet each other! Interested? Fill out the form below.
Check the meet up session you would like to attend:


Head over to our Apply page for more information about the cost of our program and the application process.

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