Sparking A colearning revolution

We are a colearning center in Mountainside, NJ where students and educators come together to support, energize, and inspire one another. We've created an individualized, learner-driven environment that encourages our children's natural curiosity and nurtures a life-long passion for learning. 



Kids in Preschool

Ages 2-4

  • Small class size

  • Play-based

  • Drop off Tuesday-Thursday

  • 9am-11:30am

  • $4,500/year

Ready for School

Ages 4-5

  • Small class size

  • Classical curriculum

  • Enrichment programs

  • Monday-Thursday

  • 9:00am-3:00pm

  • Early drop-off available

  • $10,500/year

At School

Grow and Launch
Ages 6-12

  • Small class size

  • Classical curriculum

  • Enrichment programs

  • Monday-Friday

  • 9:00am-3:00pm

  • Early drop-off available

  • $10,500/year


Want something different than what we're offering?  Host your studio at the Village Electric. You provide the inspiration, and we'll do the rest. We'll connect you with other students and educators, provide you with a furnished space, help with curriculum, share staff members and handle all the back office functions. And you'll have access to the enrichment classes, after school programs and thriving community already in place. We are stronger together!  


   ready to unplug from your current gig? We need you! Let's spark something together.  




When we looked into schooling options for our two youngest children, we found that we either had to accept a lot of stuff we didn't like about public and private schools or strike out on our own and home school. But, with the explosion of educational tools, resources, and like-minded people, we felt it was time for a serious alternative. It’s time for a more personalized approach to learning AND the full-time support of an education community.

So we started The Village Electric, a colearning center in Mountainside, NJ. Our studios provide individualized, structured learning while honoring our children’s need to explore, move, play, and be outdoors. Certified educators assist our kids with a classically inspired, self-paced curriculum that teaches critical thinking and self-discipline while preserving each child’s worldview. Our rigorous coursework includes reading and writing as well as the crucial foundations in mathematics without modern-day common core. We have no political agenda and enjoy seeing each child’s smiling face every day.


We also believe independent, empowered educators can shape the future of education. That’s why we are pioneering a platform to help educators start their own studios with us so we can all benefit from a vibrant, innovative learning community.


We can’t wait for you to join us.

Ben and Tammy



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Our Campus

300 Central Ave.

Mountainside, NJ 07079