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About us

The village electric story

In 2019, when we were looking at schools for our two young children, we saw that the traditional options for them were merely OK, but not great. They seemed stuck in the past. At the same time, outside of education, we saw a surge of innovation, advancement, entrepreneurial spirit, and creativity. With all the innovation happening in technology and other areas of society, why wasn't there more choice when it came to education? Could education maybe even be cooler than cell phones and sneakers? 


It turns out there is a lot happening in education today. In the past few years, there has been an explosion of curriculums, courses, educational tools, and resources available to children and families. From Space X’s Astra Nova, to Acton Academy, Khan Academy, OutSchool, Prisma and so many others, we found a lot to be inspired by. What was needed was a place where young people can take advantage of all of this opportunity.

It became our mission to create a space where children from preschool through high school can learn in the way best suited for them so every child's genius can take root and flourish.

We want to see more kids taking charge of their education, learning at their own pace, and finding their passion.


We opened The Village Electric in the fall of 2021 and are now in our third year. We believe all children have astonishing potential. That’s why it's been our dream to bring together the best of what education has to offer to create flexible, personalized programs that nurture the potential of each child—so they can grow up to be independent, creative, and successful contributors to a better world.


We hope you'll find something here that inspires you too.


- Ben and Tammy, Founders


our location

Our campus is set on a large property with open classrooms that are filled with natural light and materials, creating an environment that encourages growth and exploration. We frequent the nature reservation nearby where our learners are able to connect with their surroundings and build a deep appreciation for the natural world. 

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