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our approach

We believe

Learning happens naturally. That's why everything we do is guided by the desire to preserve and encourage young people’s natural curiosity and love of learning.

Protect Childhood

When children are happy and content, their natural curiosity is able to flourish. That's why we’ve created an environment where kids can be kids. We take care to preserve this special time by not burdening them with the cares and conflicts of the adult world that are beyond their ability to fully understand.

Learn at Your Own Pace

We are all born curious and, if not discouraged, learn continuously and naturally. Enabling our children to learn at their own pace and make choices about what and how they learn means better academic outcomes—higher quality learning in less time with less stress and anxiety.

Know Each Learner

Getting to know each learner is the most important part of helping every one advance. Small class sizes and a culture of 1:1 support allow us to get to know each learner’s needs and how to help them progress. 

Be Flexible

School should fit the needs of the learner, not other way around. Our curriculum adapts to work for each person. We also offer a variety of programs and schedules that accommodate families different needs. No attendance requirements means families can spend more time together.

Keep it Simple

The core elements of a good education are not complicated. By not trying to do too many things, we're able to focus on the fundamentals so kids learn better and faster. We focus on learning and leave the rest up to you!

"A child has no stronger desire than to make sense of the world, to move freely in it, to do the things that he sees bigger people doing."

John Holt

our results

Our learners are growing faster academically in less time compared to their peers in traditional educational environments. They scored higher than the median in reading and math, while enjoying plenty of free time—and no homework!

SGP stands for Student Growth Percentile. The median is 50%. A class average SGP of 60th percentile is considered very good, 70th is great, 80th is exceptional.

Happier, Healthier, Smarter

It's no secret that modern institutions are failing our children. More children are falling behind academically and struggling socially and emotionally than ever before. According to a recent article, students did not make the academic gains hoped for last school year (2023), with test scores in key subjects showing lagging progress and in some cases further backsliding since the pandemic. According to another article, groups of pediatricians and emergency medicine providers are pleading for more support and resources as the number of children and teenagers with mental health concerns overwhelm emergency departments nationwide.

Traditional schools may be struggling because they've lost sight of how learning really happens. At The Village Electric, our guiding principle is that the prerequisite for a great education is already hard-wried into each and every child: curiosity. That's what led us to go back to the basics—we've combined the personalization, flexibility, and learner-driven approach of homeschool with the accountability, support, and community of a private school. Because when young minds are educated in a way that honors their curiosity and individuality, they grow into adulthood with greater joy, confidence, resourcefulness, and self-understanding. 


All of our programs focus on academic core skills in the morning, with afternoons reserved for open-ended play and a variety of optional enrichment activities. The education we provide is based on common sense and observation of children as they learn. When we started The Village Electric, we did deep research into the history of education to find inexpensive, simple, curriculums and tools based on traditional time-tested approaches that had been abandoned by the big business of education, but that showed proven results.


During our enrichment time, we offer extracurricular activities like dance, Spanish, STEM, and choir. We have flexible plans that fit any budget and learners are welcome to join us for as much as or as little of the day as they'd like—there are no attendance requirements or tardiness penalties. 
It all adds up to a happier, healthier, smarter place to learn. 


Get 'em answered in our FAQ.

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