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GROW Studio

We believe that younger children learn best through hands on experiences. That's why the 4-6 year-olds in our Grow Studio follow a Reggio inspired, play-based curriculum where academic goals are addressed through play, and learners are encouraged to explore and problem solve.


the Facts

  • Ages 4-6

  • 8-1 child/adult ratio

  • Monday-Thursday, 8:45am to 3:00pm

  • $9,2500 annually

The Daily Routine


Our guides are facilitators and observers, and provide materials, support, prompts for further inquiry and investigations. We closely watch and gather information on what the children's interests are. We implement thematic units to springboard inquiries and further investigation. We also develop and create emergent curriculum based on the interests and needs of the children, Making sure that math, literacy, science, social studies, and social and emotional development are interweaved and integrated into the curriculum. Children are more engaged when they are interested and invested in the subject matter. 


Our daily schedule allows time for: 

  • Community meetings

  • Learning centers time; for example the writing center where children can write and deliver school wide mail to siblings and friends, or the dramatic play center, a play based area where oral language, social skills and problem solving skills are refined, etc.

  • Art and creative makers space 

  • Outdoor and gross motor 

  • Nature and gardening

The Power of Play

Purposeful play uses developmentally appropriate activities that naturally encourage learning. Play improves motor, sensory, social and emotional skills -- all needed for further schooling and life! With a play based learning program, children are more attentive, creative, and learn concepts more efficiently. Play builds foundational skills for children. It uses many systems of the body and brain. It helps to focus on the processes of learning, rather than just the end product. 


Play encourages kids to develop, learn and grow.  It provides and encourages:

  • Problem solving

  • Independence

  • Motivation 

  • Creativity

  • Memory

  • Social skills

  • Communication skills

  • Coping skills

  • Fine motor skills

  • Gross motor skills

  • Sensory skills

  • Brain development ​


Meet the Team

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Lead Guide

Jennifer May

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Assistant Guide

Emma Mark

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